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    NYC Restaurant Week Has Arrived - A Word from Tracy Nieporent

    A letter from Tracy Nieporent, Director of Marketing at Myriad Restaurant Group and Chairman of the NYC & Company Restaurant Committee:

    "Dear Fellow Diners:

    Summer in New York City is a season of excitement, adventure and vitality, and the perfect time to welcome you to one of our city's greatest traditions - NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2015. Nowhere else will you find a more compelling opportunity to experience a diverse selection of international cuisines. With more than 300 restaurants offering great value, in neighborhoods all over town, you can travel the world.

    Whether you're dining with family, friends or colleagues, great memories are awaiting you, along with the finest bounty of the summer season. You'll discover that the streets of our city are alive with festivity and celebration. Wherever you go, you'll find a restaurant that will capture your heart with wonderful aromas, flavors and a warm welcome.

    We're honored that you've joined us to experience the quality, variety and hospitality that make New York City the dining capital of the world.

    Tracy Nieporent"

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